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Never Forgotten

Franka von der Staatsmacht KKL1 SCH1



On April 7, 2015 the world lost a legend. Franka von der Staatsmacht went to be with her Mom.  Over her 11 years she produced the Lena's, Larry's, Leon's, and Ultra's time and time again.  Her legacy of top dogs will forever be around the world and winning championships.  The world shall always remember there would be no Leon or Bolle without this girl!!  Most of all she was a best friend, a fearless protector of the young, a gental heart, and tons of laughs!!  RIP Ms. Frankie you will forever live in our hearts!!!



Yucca von der Mohnwiese

Yucca was one of the greatest producing females in recent times.  She has produced more top dogs than any other female in recent history.  She was not only a top competitor and producer, she was a great family friend.  RIP Yucca

Harro von der Staatsmacht SCH3 

Multiple time competitor LGA and LG-FCI. Harro is the son of full brother to Nick . His mother is the well known Orla (foundation female kennel von der Staatsmacht). His Mother ’s line is one of the strongest lines out of Germany, and it goes back on Tim Abfuhr mother Gimi Abfuhr. Orla produced a lot of dogs in police, military, top sport, and breeding dogs.

  Harro spent his last days enjoying life.  RIP Harro

****Frozen Semen of Harro is available

Retired Life

Ultra von der Staatsmacht KKL1 SCH3(Retired)

Ultra is the daughter of Franka von der Staatsmacht. She is line-breed 2-1 on Assi von der Staatsmacht and Franka von der Staatsmacht. Ultra is a very serious dog, and shows the old lines, which is now missing in the modern German Shepherd breed. Ultra has produced the same quality as her mother and grandmother.

Ultra is A-Normal Hips/Elbows and back is clear.

Lary von der Staatsmacht KKL1 SCH3(Retired)

Lary is the son of Franka von der Staatsmacht as well as the son of legendary Asko von der Lutter. Larry was a BSP competitor with Dirk Stocks, as is the brother to Lena von der Staatsmacht, and Leon von der Staatsmacht.  Lary is not only a great producer, but in his days of sport was fast, strong, and sound.  It is simply hard to repeat a dog such as Lary.  He now enjoys his days in the house.

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