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Terror von der Staatsmacht KKL1 SCH3



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Terror is in my opinion the best male that I have produce in my breeding program. He has the characteristics of the old German Shepherd. He is loyal, strong, social, and have an unbelievable working drive. He is the son of Eliot Prevent and Gracia von der Staatsmacht(daughter of Olex de Valsory). Multiple helpers have test Terror and the opinion is the same, no one can believe the strength of his grips and pressure on the helper. Terror is not a dog that you will see on a high trial, he is a real serious dog, with his own mind. He has potential to produce top working abilities. He is neutral to other dogs and people, but is serious about work.


We have already use Terror in our breeding program.

*Terror is available for stud and frozen semen is available!!

Note Sperm collection December 2012  95%  high quality




Quardes von der Staatsmacht SCH3


After two years on the highest success in top level trials for Germany Quardes von der Staatsmacht comes to the USA!  Quardes was the top males in protection on the 2012 BSP!  









Danger von der Staatsmacht 


Information regarding Danger posted soon!









Robby von der Staatsmacht 


Robby is one of the last son's of the legendary Yucca vd Mohnwiese. His speed and drive are a true representation of his parents.  








Uwe vd Heideschanze IPO 1 









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