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Staatsmacht Kennel has produced in Germany and in the United States dogs used around the work capable of handling a heavy work load.  We have many dogs in special operations, jails, and police work.   For a working line breeder, who's main goal is to produce a dog that can handle any job with confidence, this is one of the greatest successes for our kennel.  From time to time we recieve updates on some of our working dogs in police and military use around the world and we share their success with you.  


Departments and Military organzations that have our dogs if you could please from time to time keep us posted on the dogs.


Successful Staatsmacht Dogs In Police and Military

Arek von der Staatsmacht 

Arek von der Staaatsmacht, the son of Eliot Prevent and Lena von der Staatsmacht,  made some big finds for a New Mexico Jail.  On this particular find he and his handler found 3 stolen hand guns 40 grams of meth and seized a vehicle and $4000.00 cash.  He also recovered a hand gun that the sheriffs dept. was looking for that was used in a homicide. 

This young dog in his short time of working has made over 140 finds and 9 hand guns his first year.

Amigo "Hoss" von der Staatsmacht 

Amigo von der Staaatsmacht(AKA Hoss), the son of Eliot Prevent and Lena von der Staatsmacht,  has made for a great partner for his handler in New Mexico.  See video of Hoss and his handler on the news.  

Vegas von der Staatsmacht 

Vegas von der Staaatsmacht serves as K-9 in international Military Work

Jago von der Staatsmacht 

Buster von der Staaatsmacht serves police patrol dog

Buster von der Staatsmacht 

Jago von der Staaatsmacht serves as exposive and patrol K-9 for international military organization

Drago von der Staatsmacht 

Drago von der Staaatsmacht serves police patrol dog

Arras von der Staatsmacht 

Arras von der Staaatsmacht serves as K-9 for explosives and dual purpose work

Earl von der Staatsmacht 

Earl von der Staatsmacht served as a police dog with a German police department as was a successful dual purpose K-9

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